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The main TADSummit conference will run over 2 days, Tuesday and Wednesday  (November 14 – 15), with pre and post-event workshops and networking sessions to be announced. The agenda is currently in development, a draft will be available for download soon.

DAY 1:

Innovation Showcase: TADSummit leads the industry in demonstrating live what is possible. See world-firsts that can shake-up your business AND be deployed today from world-leading ISVs and integrators.

Sponsors Keynotes. Leading thinking, leading case studies, can not miss insights on Programmable Telecoms.

Deep dive sessions on xVNO Service Success, Decentralized Web, and Programmable Telecoms in the Enterprise.


DAY 2:

Deep dive sessions on Application to Person Showcase, Network Services built for the Cloud, and TADHack Service Success.

Sponsor Keynotes. Leading thinking, leading case studies, can not miss insights on Programmable Telecoms.

MONEH Innovation Showcase. This live demonstration will fundamentally change what it means to be a mobile network operator.

Which Means That… Wrap-up Panel. In just 2 days you will have seen more new ideas than at any other telecom event. This panel helps explain what it all means for 2018.

most interesting session
Patrice Crutel 130a
CapGemini Keynote. CPaaS Solutions: The DNA of Telco Innovation
Patrice Crutel, Engagement Director, Communications, Capgemini
  • VoLTE and VoWifi bring new access and codec evolution, but no new services.
  • There is an urgent need for evolution beyond MMTEL (MultiMedia TELephony) services, to plug the emerging revenue gap as mobile internet services approach saturation, and possible in decline.
  • Innovation is possible with 3rd parties AND customers: CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) is the mandatory step for telcos, opening of network resources via APIs / programmable telecoms.
  • We’ll review opportunities for xVNOs who are ideally placed to quickly deploy and monetize these opportunities using cloud computing.
Ed Fox
Telestax Keynote: Enterprise Transformation using Programmable Telecoms from MetTel
Ed Fox, VP Network Services at MetTel
  • MetTel’s solutions provide the backbone for enterprises’ digital transformations around the world. Their approach is a flexible and customized solution to business communications, the backbone of how businesses operate today.
  • xVNOs (where x=fixed, mobile, converged) are in a unique position to harness Programmable Telecoms for their customers’ success faster and more effectively than any other Telco.
  • Programmable Telecoms enables xVNOs, enterprises and third parties to jointly solve business problems and create new revenues.
  • MetTel will share their vision for Telestax’s RestcommOne, and the steps they are taking to realize that vision.
Wire Keynote: Private, Secure, and Awesome IP Communication Evolution
Alan Duric, CEO Wire
  • Content will be announced closer to TADSummit – its an import step in the growth of A2P (Application to Person) and IP Communications.
Matthew Hodgson 130
Matrix Keynote: The Trials and Tribulations of building an open network for secure, decentralized communication
Matthew Hodgson, CEO Matrix & Amandine Le Pape, CMO Matrix
  • Content will be announced closer to TADSummit – its an import step in the growth of A2P (Application to Person) and IP Communications. Between this presentation, Wire’s presentation, and the presentation from Protocol Labs on their progress with the decentralized web. Be prepared for a ‘the future has arrived today moment.’
Michael Lazar 130
DataArt Keynote: Security in Virtualized Telecom Networks
Michael Lazar, VP Telecoms Practice, DataArt
  • One aspect of Programmable Telecoms is the network becomes software defined, and thanks to virtualization with shared resources it can possibly achieve $32B in savings by 2020 according to SNS Research.
  • It is critical to understand the unique security issues of virtualization in telecom networks with multi-vendor and cross-vendor management issues that require a standardized architecture with complex management requirements.
  • This presentation will cover critical security aspects such as shared memory, shared networking, timekeeping, attestation, hardware security devices, hardware security enclaves, software confinement technologies and more.
  • The objective is to deliver clear understanding of the challenges in securing SDN/NFV, and the steps telcos need to take in that migration.
Temasys Keynote: Marketing to Developers is Bloody Hard!
Chip Wilcox, CMO Temasys
  • What is a developer? Why is marketing to them so hard and necessary?
  • Critical learning in developer marketing on a budget.
  • Balancing generic with specific. Getting the recipe right to grow engagement with your business.
VoIP Innovations Keynote: It’s all about the services: Programmable Telecoms in the Enterprise

Jason Tapolci and David Walsh, VoIP Innovations
VoIP Innovations offers a business class wholesale VoIP network. Through an extensive network of ITSPs (Internet Telephony Service Providers) and MSPs (Managed Service Providers), they deliver programmable telecom services to enterprises large and small. We can’t yet reveal exactly what the presentation will cover, but it’s going to be an exciting glimpse into the future of enterprise CPaaS!

tyntec Keynote: Building the foundation for programmable telecoms mashups

Marco Lafrentz, Director of CPaaS Business Line, tyntec
Programmable telecoms is a complementary element in many enterprise mashups that typically require accessing external platforms, data and web content. A roundup of pre-mashup essentials.

  • The current telecom ecosystems, especially the SMS ecosystem, need to evolve to facilitate and accelerate the new innovations coming from these mashups.
  • There’s an urgent need for a new participatory platform built for matching the two-sided market (enterprises and telcos). Alternative visions – to vote on. Welcome to CPaaS 2.0.
27 Linkedin
Going both ways - Telecom's potential of an IP comms platforms next to the classic Telco Stack

Sebastian Schumannm Vice President Engineering at immmr
A transformation from last years’ proposition – shaping focus

  • immmr’s challenges as a Telco funded start-up
  • 1 year and 1 launch later, what has changed?
  • The TADS story continues: platform transformation and new partnerships
Thomas Quintana
Cognitive Telecom Services

Thomas Quintana, Telecoms Geek & Entrepreneur: Fort Lauderdale Machine Learning Meetup, Inteliquent, Better Voice, Health Sense, Telestax, and more
Cognitive Computing seems to be taking over the world. The technology is helping identify illneses, composing music, driving cars, and the list goes on. In this talk we explore how it is impacting telecoms.

  • Google has created an immense valuation using your search information, but its without context and meaning. Search for an item and you’re blasted by webpages full of the same advert for that item. It lacks context and meaning. While all the conversations businesses have with their customer are full of context and meaning that simply go to waste.  And will not be used to fill webpages full of the same advert.
  • Cognitive telecom services has massive potential, and the technologies and necessary price points are only just falling into place.
David Dias 130
Progress Report on the Decentralized Web
David Dias, P2P Software Engineer at Protocol Labs. Making IPFS and filecoin.
  • Secure and robust access to information, to communication, and to computing has become a critical part of what it means to be a human. The internet has become the main vehicle for human interactions worldwide, and it will only become more so as our devices and interfaces improve. Protocol Labs is focused on the evolution of the internet through decentralize web projects.
  • At the heart of computing progress lies a simple process: the research, development, and deployment cycle. Protocol Labs accelerates the ideas-to-superpowers pipeline through its projects, which is closely aligned to the approach of TADHack and TADSummit in moving ideas to reality.
  • We’ll focus on two of the Protocol Labs projects, the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) that enables the creation of completely decentralized and distributed applications. And Filecoin a cryptocurrency powered storage network. Sharing the latest results and its impact for Programmable Telecoms.
Philippe Vayssac 130
Programmable Telecoms in the Insurance Industry. PLUS Award Winning demo and analysis
Philippe Vayssac, CIO, Groupama
  • Progress update on the use case of Programmable Telecoms in the insurance industry, projects like granvillage. 
  •, winner of the innovation award by the French government department of FinTec – Pôle de compétitivité mondial Finance Innovation. Groupama’s partners use them on a weekly basis for their expert missions in order to easily survey crops and measure the damage caused by bad weather or animals quickly and accurately with no drone flying expertise required.
Utku Yavuz
Programmable Telecoms in the Finance Industry
Utku Yavuz, Senior Collaboration Services Engineer at Garanti Teknoloji (part of Garanti Bank)
  • Introducing Garanti Bank and Garanti Teknoloji, examples of our role in the Turkish finance sector
  • Why TADHack gets it right for enterprises to learn, share, code and create with programmable telecoms
  • Case study on real world enterprise challenges and TADHack results
Inteliwise: Intelligent Customer Self-Service

Marcin Strzalkowski, CEO and co-founder Inteliwise
Review of what it takes to make chatbots work: natural language processing, omni-channel, and much more.

  • Guide to using platforms like Facebook, does and don’ts.
  • Case studies in chatbots, live chat and messaging.
Karel Bourgois 130
Voicemail innovation in a World of Bots and AI

Karel Bourgois, Founder and CEO Voxist
Voxist progress report: the highs and lows of building a voicemail (intelligent agent) startup.

  • Front-line report on voice recognition, voice control; and ‘intelligent’ agents.
  • Navigating hype and the latest technology to deliver delightful customer experiences.
  • Focusing on business verticals, getting the recipe right for the 1st, 3rd, 6th and 10th target segments.
Luis Quina 130
A2P Communications Innovation within the Slack Ecosystem

Luis Borge Quina, Founder and CEO Apidaze / ottspott
Status report on the pivot from Apidaze to Apidaze & ottspott.

  • Front-line experiences in building an A2P business in Slack.
  • What Slack gets right and what we’d like to see developed.
  • What we need from platforms like Google RCS or WhatsApp or HipChat to add ottspott.
Bastien Le Rest
Deep Dive into Building Version 2 of RogerVoice
Bastien Le Rest, CTO at RogerVoice
  • TADS has tracked the creation and growth of RogerVoice, its an amazing journey so far.
  • This year TADSummit clashes with global disability awareness week, so Olivier is extremely busy that week covering a number of events around Europe.
  • Bastien will step into Olivier’s shoes and provide a deep dive into the re-architecting of RogerVoice’s backend and the its V2 client.
  • Providing important insights and learning in moving from hack through minimum viable product to scaling for 10k-100k users around the world.
Dean Bubley 130
Enterprise & IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) Mobile networks: The Networks They Are a Changin'
Dean Bubley, Disruptive Analysis
  • Can businesses program, or even own, their own cellular infrastructure? 
  • Many aspects are making it much easier, with shared and unlicensed spectrum for private LTE, small cells, virtualised networks, programmable eSIMs and more numbering/identity options. 
  • Some industries have their own unique wireless needs, either across the wide area (eg utilities) or on major sites (oil & gas, airports etc) that are not easily-addressed by traditional telcos. 
  • Can they build and/or operate their own networks? Is this the ultimate “developer” play?
Michael Lazar 130
Innovation Showcase Led by DataArt
Chaired by Michael Lazar, VP Telecoms Practice, DataArt
All the demonstrations listed are world-firsts that can be deployed today or in the next 6 months:
  • Hybrid Mobile Network Operator demonstration using SDR (Software Defined Radio) and open source base station software to create cost effective localized LTE networks. This showcase will also include live LTE frequency band changes to support on demand services such as 4k/8k video using DPDK (Data Plane Development Kit) across licenses and unlicensed LTE.
  • Achieving Amazon and Google Cloud economics with Immutable Diskless Compute Pool for zero time provisioning; and ZFS-On-Linux storage (ZFS – Zetabyte File System) using open source.
  • Containerization of Telecom Services, moving beyond network virtualization savings into operations savings in telecom services and platforms through open source containerization like OpenShift. As internet access revenues flatten and by some operator predictions decline, services will again become critical to revenue growth. The diverse services environment will need containerization to drastically lower operational costs.
  • Omni-channel CRM Chatbot including Facebook Messenger, LINE, SMS/MMS, and Google RCS.
  • Automated Insurance Drone,, winner of the innovation award by the French government department of FinTec – Pôle de compétitivité mondial Finance Innovation. Including remote collaboration. Improving assessment accuracy, saving time people’s time, and speeding up claim fulfilment.
  • Multi-factor authentication including voice, video and context for finance and banking applications.
  • VNF (Virtual Network Function) certification and real-time testing.
  • Lots more demos to come.
MONEH Innovation Showcase
Chaired by James Body, CEO Telet Research
The MONEH Innovation Showcase is aimed at fundamentally changing what it means to be a mobile network operator. James and the Telet Research team have been beavering away to implement a cloud based cellular core that supports Multi Operator Neutral Host (MONEH) operation.  This means that any privately owned Radio Access Network with embedded Evolved Packet Core (EPC) will be able to accept inbound roaming traffic from other mobile network users.  The demo will include production ready Acceleran radios with an embedded EPC from Quortus providing an LTE service, so members of the audience will have the opportunity to join the demo with their own mobiles!  We’ll have voice and SMS services running live, and a host of other network and end user services. It will support inter-carrier signaling  and a few other surprises. Programmable Telecoms is changing every aspect of our industry.
Some of the partners making this live demonstration possible include:  Telet Research, Accelleran, Quortus, Simwood, Telestax, NG Voice, and Flowroute.
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