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The TADSummit conference will run over 2 days, Tuesday and Wednesday (November 13 – 14).
Agenda is coming soon.


Welcome Address: A Pivotal Year in Programmable Telecoms
Alan Quayle

CPaaS / UCaaS / CCaaS / open source telecom software / CPaaS enablers / Multi-Factor Authentication / Instant Authenitcation / Telecom APIs / CPaaS enabled services – they all fall under the category of Programmable Telecoms. Its gone mainstream! How do we know? The level of misconception has jumped enourmously as the marketing echo-chamber repeats the same mis-information. The enterprise telecoms market now has much more choice thanks to CPaaS enabled services – new providers, new price points, web/telecoms bundling as voice and video communications are no longer scarey.

We’ve been talking about the decentralized web for a couple of years, we’re now starting to see the openning salvos in what will further democratize the telecoms landscape in the coming decade.

TADSummit continues to be the thought-leadership event in Programmable Telecoms. The rate of change and convergence of technologies is really fun, this is not a tired old industry waiting for retirement, we’re in a state of continuous renewal where surprises happen almost every week. Its a great time to be in Programmable Telecoms!

VoIP Innovations Keynote: One year older, one year wiser, the Rapid Evolution of CPaaS
David Walsh, CEO VoIP Innovations
Luis Quina Borges, Apidaze, VoIP Innovations’ CPaaS

VoIP Innovations offers a business class wholesale VoIP network. Through an extensive network of ITSPs (Internet Telephony Service Providers) and MSPs (Managed Service Providers), they deliver programmable telecom services to enterprises large and small.

Last year they announced the acquisition of Apidaze. At TADHack-mini Orlando in March they had great innovations built on their CPaaS that were presented at Enterprise Connect 2018, demonstrating the success in adopting CPaaS into their network. We’ll hear more about their CPaaS success at TADHack Global.

Case studies on the role their Showroom plays growing CPaaS-enabled service sales; and the role CPaaS now plays across VoIP Innovation’s business today and in the future.

Apifonica / Dzinga Keynote: The Enterprise Telecoms Revolution
Janne Timonen, CEO Apifonica / Dzinga

Dzinga is a CPaaS enabled service, built on Apifonica. Dzinga is an amazing UCaaS packed full of CPaaS enabled features and services that are easily configurable by the end customer or channel partner.

CPaaS has changed the rules of the game in enterprise telecoms. Its now possible to deliver sophisticated enterprise telecom services at scale that meet the needs of enterprises large and small. AND critically support a variety of delivery models so enterprises get the services they need in the way they need them.

Europe is a diverse set of markets, where people matter in the delivery and consumption of enteprise telecom services. Its not the second stop in a world tour of US-based UCaaS providers. It is its own market, you must build and deliver for that uniqueness and diversity. We’ll share our experiences of UCaaS and CPaaS in Europe, the highs as well as the lows.

More keynotes to come…


Embrace the Telecom API Movement
Justin Haefner, Sr. Prin. IT Architect – Collaborative Technologies, Medtronic

Who am I, why am I here, what insight could I possibly provide to all you programmable telecom experts?

My experiences at TADHack

Future of IT

Mistaken assumptions and our API journey

Why Telecom APIs are a necessary part of every business’s operations – real–time is critical!

Omnichannel and Multimodal: Voice Assistants and Chatbot Strategies.
Sascha Wolter, Senior UX Consultant and Principle Technology Evangelist (Voice-Services and Chatbots), Cognity

What if the user wants to phrase his intentions directly instead of having to take the detour via an app or website? Intelligent multimodal dialog systems seem to further reduce the gulf between human and machine. But when and how do chatbots work, when is voice appropriate and what characterizes multimodal interfaces. This talk explains the capabilities of Alexa and Co., considers their limitations, and also shows the user experience and design challenges.

Visualize the future and consider why smart Assistants and Multimodal Conversation are important for your business?
Understand the behavior of Chat, Voice, and Multimodal Conversation and how they work?
Learn about the main business, design and technical challenges of a Conversational User Experience?

Experiences in Building a European Cloud PBX Business
Dennis Kersten, Business Development, vio:networks

Vio:Networks was founded in 2007 with the mission of delivering to our customers the tools they need to communicate with their clients quickly, consistently and reliably.

We’ll share our experiences in delivering reliable cloud communication services in Germany.

Insights on the practical issues faced in persuading businesses to adopt cloud communications, and how we see the European cloud communications market developing.

Simfony: Building a Global IoT Solution Provider using Programmable Telecoms
Stefan Anghel, Product Architect, Simfony Mobile

Quick review of Simfony’s history: the importance of solving business problems for which businesses will pay, and the challenges in being yet another platform provider.

Review of the IoT Landscape, understanding the enablers and ecosystem, and the role Simfony plays in partnering with CPaaS providers.

Case Studies of Simfony’s IoT Solutions.

Some IoT highlights from 2018 – where is IoT going in 2019?

The rise of CPaaS / UCaaS as a Channel to Market for New Services
Karel Bourgois, Founder and CEO Voxist

Voxist progress report: the highs and lows of building a voicemail (intelligent agent) startup.

CPaaS enabled services make business sense for CPaaS / UCaaS

First-hand experiences and guidance for creating a successful service store / showroom / service deck

Blockchain Hype & Realities
Dean Bubley, Disruptive Analysis

Blockchain is now widely discussed, it feels like most start-ups have Blockchain in their plans, most Enterprises are thinking about how Blockchain impacts their strategy.

But let’s remind ourselves of what it is, its strengths, its weaknesses, and where it working and not working today.

Then we’ll take a deeper dive into what it means to Programmable Telecoms, the telco stuff, but especially the non-traditional communication service providers.

The Emerging Dichotomy, Centralized versus Decentralized Communications. What is Means to Your Business.
Rob Pickering, CEO ipcortex, TADHack London Leader

Traditionally communications has been centralized, using a cloud service (CPaaS) or PSTN through an API to connect people and things.

WebRTC heralded the emergence of decentralized communications over the web, and now decentralized initiatives like Ethereum and Matrix are enabling new communication models.

Almost every communications startup has a vision that includes Blockchain on their map to world-domination.

Review this emerging dichotomy between centralized and decentralized communications and what it means to a business’s internal and external communications.

Explain where enterprise adoption has already started, and where it makes sense to consider over the next 2-3 years.

Programmable Telecoms is HARD! Working on the toughest transformation in Telecoms.
Sebastian Schumannm Vice President Engineering at immmr

immmr was founded in 2015 from a research and development project with Deutsche Telekom. We are a team of international technical enthusiasts based in the vibrant city of Berlin.

immmr’s achievements

immmr’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as a Telco funded start-up

immmr’s journey, what we’ve learned over the past 2 years, what we would do differently

The TADS story continues…

More thought-leadership to come…


Innovations in the Insurance Industry and Beyond: Programmable Telecoms, Blockchain, Simply Making the World Better.
Philippe Vayssac, CIO, Groupama

Philippe continues to share his award winning innovations with TADSummit.

Reinventing insurance contracts using Blockchain., winner of the innovation award by the French government department of FinTec – Pôle de compétitivité mondial Finance Innovation. How IoT in the car of a claims expert, can solve painful problems for farmers and insurance companies.

Reducing world-wide pesticide consumption, a collaboration between Groupama and the French university Ecole Centrale de Lyon.

Giving a CFO new glasses : Translating traffic flows to profitability flow in high volume and complex networks
Carl Gandeborn (CEO), NewINSIKT

Telcos can today track in detail traffic performance per network node and have a reasonable understanding of customer experience but lack the ability to understand on a granular node level profitability.

A CFO’s visibility is based on averages with no understanding of what really happens under the surface. More or less all investments in the network are incremental, and the CFO has no idea what were the returns on these investments.

5G, IoT, Programmable Telecoms will make this even more difficult with a huge expansion of base stations, millions of IoT subscriptions that generate low ARPUs, and rapidly evolving services and usage. NewINSIKT solves this conundrum.

More innovations to come…


EVENING WORKSHOP: Case Studies in Design Thinking & Effectuation
Philippe Vayssac, CIO, Groupama

Philippe has achieved an impessive track record of successful innovations in Groupama. He has studied for over 5 years the methods of Design Thinking and Effectuation; and considers them core to his success. This special evening session is for those who want to understand an introduction to these methods.

We used these methods with Philippe’s help at TADHack Global 2018. To help teams develop their hacks during the event, as well as encouraging them to continue developing their ideas into world-changing businesses.

Effectuation is a way of thinking that serves entrepreneurs in the processes of opportunity identification and new venture creation.

Design thinking uses the designer’s sensibility and methods to match people’s needs with what is technologically feasible and what a viable business strategy can convert into customer value and market opportunity.

In this workshop Philippe will review case studies in the application of Design Thinking & Effectuation.

More workshops to come…

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