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14 - 15


What is TADSummit?

Programmable Telecoms

Covering contextual communications, conversational CRM and BOTs, M2M and IoT, telecom APIs and WebRTC, decentralized web, application-to-person (A2P) comms, network app stores, telecom enabled business processes, open source telecoms, open networks, and much more. If its programmable / software-defined and telecoms related, its covered.


TADSummit is for practitioners across multiple industries to share their experience-based thought leadership in telecom app development. Telecoms is now programmable, almost every aspect of telecoms can be considered an app and integrated with any other software or service.

Trusted Guide

TADSummit delivers your most accurate guide for the coming two years with world–first demonstrations of what is made possible in the shift to programmable telecoms; from the guts of telecom networks though to its cutting-edge application in industries like retail, farming and insurance.

Live Demonstrations

We show live new businesses created on telecom APIs across all stages of growth, enterprises using chatbots and open source telecom software to gain competitive advantage, software defined base-stations at a small fraction of today’s network costs, spectrum as a service / multi operator neutral host small cells enabling any business to ‘run’ its own mobile operation.

Ecosystem Focused

What makes TADSummit unique from all other conferences is its made possible by the ecosystem for the ecosystem, its all about world-class insights and experiences being shared. As testament to this fact, the TADSummit sponsors keep getting acquired through the world-class showcase TADSummit provides.

TADHack’s Sister

TADSummit is the sister event of TADHack. While TADSummit focuses on the business made possible by programmable telecoms, TADHack focuses on developers, technology, and creativity.

Understand What Programmable Telecoms Means For Your Business


MVNO Service Success.

Programmable telecoms enables xVNOs to own their services, to win new revenues by service differentiation, to meet local market and vertical market needs unlike another service provider has done in history. We will share case studies and exciting innovations accelerating xVNO services around the world.

Application to Person Showcase.

IP messaging platforms (WeChat and Line) are leading the commercialization of A2P IP messaging. With bots, IoT, official accounts, alerting, conversational CRM, and more. A2P is much more than SMS, see where new value is being created.

Programmable Telecoms in the Enterprise.

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Enterprises seek solutions to business problems, not fancy technologies. This session cuts through the technology marketing hype and shows how businesses are solving real problems with programmable telecoms.

Network Services Built for the Cloud.

Reviewing the unique challenges in virtualizing networks across: business and operational support system mediation / migration, securing virtualized environments, and virtual network function certification. Bringing together leaders in cloudification / virtualization across multiple industries for frank practical implementation guidance.

Innovation Showcase, led by DataArt.

World-first demonstrations of all the above technologies that can be deployed today. The gap from idea to commercial implementation is now months not years. You will see world-first commercial demonstrations that can be deployed and making money today.

MONEH Innovation Showcase, led by James Body.

This Showcase is aimed at fundamentally changing what it means to be a mobile network operator, an implementation of a cloud based cellular core that supports Multi Operator Neutral Host (MONEH) operation. This means that any privately owned Radio Access Network with embedded Evolved Packet Core (EPC) will be able to accept inbound roaming traffic from other mobile network users.

TADHack service successes.

From hack to deployment, the success cases continue to grow across bots, IoT, messaging, enterprise, and social impact. We’ll review case studies of commercial successes from previous TADHacks as well as some of the hot-hacks created at TADHack Global 2017 that are looking for support in commercialization.

Accelerating Programmable Telecoms.

The people who take part in TADHack are inspiring, they come from many industries. I common refrain is “I wasn’t sure about TADHack, as its about Telecoms*, but I now realize this is core to my business.” (* said in a tone like its a bit of a dirty / unfashionable word). We’re going to shake things up and accelerate programmable telecoms education.

Decentralized Web / Telecoms.

Explaining and demonstrating the impact of the decentralized web / telecoms, edge computing, and neutral hosting across many industries. The web is evolving, the centralization of the web by Facebook and Google over the passed decade is not an invariant, just like telecoms, the web is democratizing creating exciting new opportunities.


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