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22/23 October
New York City

Why You Should Take Part in TADSummit

TADSummit is the thought-leadership event in programmable communications for over ten years.

The audience includes CxOs from many of the programmable communication companies, open source leaders, and telcos. It’s a strategy, technology, and reality focused event with no BS. 

Some parts of programmable communications are exploding, e.g conversation intelligence. Check out all the TADSummit Innovators. While other parts are struggling with SMS spam and robocalling plaguing customers. 

In North America some CSPs (Campaign Service Providers) and Brands feel they are under attack. Costs are up, operational complexity has exploded, and volumes are down. Carrier access in messaging is predominantly controlled through one entity. 2024 has been tough, what’s going to happen in 2025? Can a new foreign owned business even enter the US market for messaging? TADSummit is the ONLY place you’re going to have a full and frank discussion on the path forward.

If you want to get involved as a sponsor or presenter, please contact us

The Reality of Programmable Communications


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