Our objective with TADS is to help build the telecom application developer ecosystem from the grassroots, and to expand the community of developers that can use telecoms in their applications, services and businesses. And in doing so the whole ecosystem will benefit from their combined energy, innovations, ideas, technologies and reach. This is how the web works, and we’re simply copying it.
Two hundred of the the best and the brightest people working on service innovation from telcos, technology / ecosystem providers, and telecom application developers will meet and work together in a unique event.
The scope is across legacy services, telecom APIs, WebRTC, IMS, communications service platforms, cloud communications, and many other web and IT-centric service platforms. There will be CxO keynotes and VP level presentations from most of the telcos leading service innovation, and deep dive work streams focused on solving critical service innovation challenges.
TADS 2013 and TADHack 2014

What Happened at TADS 2013?

The first Telecom Application Developer Summit 2013 took place from 21-22 Nov 2013 in Bangkok.  Bringing together developers, telcos, and vendors in one venue created exhilaration and excitement at the opportunities being created in the telecom application developer ecosystem.  We had 115 registered attendees, close to 100 in attendance, which for a first event organized by the grassroots of the industry is a great start.

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What Happened at TADHack

TADHack 2014 (6/7 June) proved a phenomenal success:

Global Registrations

Close to 700. On the day global attendance: close to 500

Hacks Generated

60+ hacks


5 – Sri Lanka, Philippines, Malaysia, Pune India, Chicago USA, and remote entry

Live Video Streams

126 simultaneous viewings

Developer Focus

TADHack focuses on developers and the technology / ecosystem providers


Check out the TADHack YouTube channel to see all the service innovations

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