21-22 November 2013, BANGKOK

Why hold an event dedicated to telecom application developers?

We the Underserved

Telecom application developers exist and are grossly underserved by the telecom industry. They include: telco independent software vendors, system integrators, enterprise developers and many other developers building apps that live either in the core telecom network, enterprise data centers or public cloud.

Key to Telco Survival

Telecom application developers extend operator infrastructure in a variety of ways using SS7, SIP, Web APIs, and many new cloud-based technologies. There are hundreds of thousands of developers out there building commercial telecom services and applications all solving similar problems, face common challenges technically and commercially, and are key to Telecom’s future survival.

It Starts in Asia

Asia is the center of telecom application developer success: with payment service success in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore; content service success in Philippines, India, Singapore, China; and self-built call centers on free and open source software throughout China, Indonesia, India. So let’s start the Summit where developers are being successful in creating telecom applications, Asia!

Why hold TADS in Bangkok in November?

The Event is scheduled for 21-22 Nov  2013 at the IMPACT Forum in Bangkok, Thailand. It will overlap the end of and and take place next door to ITU Telecom World with 7000 telecom visitors from around the world, and the start of the Mobicents Developer Summit. We are expecting approximately 150 attendees consisting of developers, telcos, and technologists from around the world.

Behind the Event

TADS is an independent grassroots initiative to raise the profile of telecom application developers with the resources to support them, and create a sustainable and profitable telecom application ecosystem.  Founded by Alan Quayle with support from within the application developer community and from telcos, TADS is a response to the industry’s innovation challenge.

Alan has spent most of his life building telecom applications within telcos (BT), vendors (Lucent, Cambridge Technology Partners), his start-up Teltier (presence applications), and working with many tens of telecom application developers around the world as an independent.  His customers range from global leaders like AT&T, Etisalat, M1, Telstra, Verizon, Huawei, Oracle; to innovative start-ups like Apigee, AppTrigger (sold to Metaswitch), Camiant (sold to Oracle), Guavus, Layer 7 (sold to Computer Associates), OpenCloud, and Tropo.  Alan writes a blog providing insights into the telecoms industry.

Our Principles

Live Coding

Presenters in the Developer Summit MUST live with a command line console on their laptop, to show telecom apps being created live.


Open, frank, and honest.  No marketing, just the facts.


Presentations are selected by quality, not the usual sponsor pays and bores the audience with a sales pitch.

Cost Recovery

The event is by the industry for the industry.


Networking tool includes match making to take the ideas and services created to market. Meet the people you need to meet, nothing is wasted.


Level playing field, judgments are made on the value of the technology or services, not the size of the marketing budget.

The Telecom Application Developer’s Manifesto

The Telecoms industry has failed its most important asset for innovation, telecom application developers. TADS is a grassroots initiative from the people building the telecom application industry to create sustainable and profitable telecom application ecosystem. The Manifesto will document what is required, it is now available for industry comment and can be downloaded from the TADS weblog.  Being part of TADS means you’re making a difference to our industry!